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BEaudit – how behaviorally informed is your marketing?

If you have never thought about using behavioral sciences to finetune your marketing, this is a good place to start.

As the name suggests, we audit your marketing to assess how consonant is it to the forces and considerations that guide consumer decisions in your category? Is your approach misplaced – are you using System 2 to persuade the consumers, when she is buying routinely, driven by System 1. Or the other way round.

Is your brand appropriately anchored – both in terms of the price, and other aspects. Are you using the best available priming opportunities? The objective of this solution is to develop ideas for fine-tuning of the current Choice Architecture for the relevant brand, which would lead to the desired behavioral change

BEbrand – a behavioral science based solution to branding and communication

When we approach the problem of branding or brand equity, we don’t just assume that equity comprises the usual elements of awareness, knowledge, attitude and conviction. In today’s digital world, consumer seldom give a chance to the marketer to gently take her through different stages leading to purchase. Branding has to be powerful enough to lead to purchase on first exposure and remind the consumer of the brand in the appropriate context.

Brands are assessed by consumers to determine their  “AVAILPROFILE” – what characteristics and qualities of the brand come easily to my mind. At the same time, for every product category, the consumers use the representative heuristic to construct a REPSET, which determines the dimensions on which they will assess the brands. AVAILPROFILES are compared for match with the REPSET of the category to see if there is a match.

BEprice – a behavioral sciences based approach to optimizing your pricing

We don’t just do a conjoint or a van Westendorp PSM- we look at pricing from all perspectives which may influence the consumers’ response.

We identify the existing anchors in the market, and the strength of these anchors

We explore whether any buckets or budgets that define the category spend

Pricing is always studied in a competitive and realistic context.

Existing anchors are clearly identified and included in the pricing questions

We use “behavioral conjoint” for understanding consumer pricing


BExperience – designing winning consumer experience

Behavioral sciences provide a window to understanding how a consumer responds to and evaluates various experiences – whether it is the experience of visiting a bank branch or shopping at the online store. our solution provides a peek into the consumer mind as she goes through the experience, and later recollects it.

Our solution is also used for situations when you want the consumer to behave ( go through the experience) in a particular way – for example drug compliance or the usage regimen of a therapy.


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Our solutions are fully customizable to the specific needs and the issues that a marketer faces. Each solution has its own toolkit to help us efficiently and pin-pointedly arrive at the required answers.

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