Marketing guided by behavioral science

Marketing is all about trying to change consumer behavior. Behavioral sciences, including behavioral economics, offer a comprehensive perspective as well as a powerful toolkit to address marketing issues. Behavioral science is not just about a few interesting ideas from a handful of books from Nobel Prize winners. When applied to marketing, it is a whole new way of looking at consumer behavior and developing powerful strategies to nudge the consumers to your brand.

Using behavioral economics, evolutionary psychology and neuroscience to nudge the consumer to your brand

We bring in the full power of behavioral sciences (including behavioral economics, evolutionary psychology, decision science and neuroscience) to analyze consumer behavior and develop nudges, which move them in the desired manner.

We go much beyond behavioral economics and System 1. We acknowledge that System 1 often rules the roost, but we have also learned that the consumer is willing to engage System 2 if he or she feels a need to do so.

If you are the market leader it suits you to develop your strategy and communication to let the consumer intuitively continue to pick up your brand (hand loyalty) but if you are the challenger, System 2 could be your friend. It may benefit you to shake the consumer out of her System 1 routine, to get her to pay attention to your offer.

System 2 does not necessarily mean that the consumer uses an Excel sheet to tally the good and bad points of all the options before her! Consumers often use the “satisficing” model even for important decisions. “Satisfcing” is more in consonance with the practicality of cognitive limitations and choice process.

Our solutions include:


A behavioral sciences approach to assess how behaviorally informed are your marketing strategy and tactics. Do you have the optimal choice architecture to nudge the consumer to your brand? Is your offer appropriately framed? Are you exploiting the best priming opportunities? Is your brand rightly anchored?

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Going beyond pricing techniques such as Conjoint analysis and van Westendorp and providing a comprehensive consultancy on the optimal pricing strategy and tactics.

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A behavioral sciences based approach to assess and develop your branding. How is your brand’s “availability” in the consumer mind in different contexts? What is the character of this “availability”? What is your brand’s match with the key “representatives” of the category?


A behavioral science based approach to create consumer experiences that matter. Change consumer behavior. Enhance engagement and satisfaction. Create advocacy.

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We use the behavioral sciences perspective and toolkit to address all marketing issues – ranging from strategic pricing, branding, and communications, to evaluation of a new concept – addressing the core issue – will it change the consumer behavior in the desired manner?

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